2002        Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Painting and Drawing, Temple University- Tyler School of Arts

2000        Bachelor of Arts, with concentration in painting and drawing, Pennsylvania State University              


2003      Gen Art Grant (Emerging Artist)

2001        Tyler School of Arts Fellowship

2002        Tyler School of Arts Fellowship

2000        Penn State Art Award

1995        National Art Honor Society Award, School Districts “Best Portfolio Award”

1994        Scranton Tribune News Award, Scranton District Art Award.

Lecture and Activities:


Public Art Project: Mural on the cafeteria table (Special Education)

Union Square Park

LEAP Program, New York, NY.

January 2013 - May 2013, January 2014 - June 2014, January 2015 – June 2015,

January 2016 – June 2016, January 2018-June 2018.


Public Art Project: Mural project about “Kindness Is Cooler” (K-5th Grade) PS 84

LEAP Program, Brooklyn, NY.

June 2013 - July 2013.


Public Art Project: Dream catcher (Community Project)        

Akershus Kunstsenter Art Center, Oslo, Norway.


Public Art Project: Columbus Park in Chinatown (America’s Chinatown Voices) Asian American Art Center, NY,

New York.


Public Art Project: Metropoles (America’s Chinatown)

Asian American Art Center, NY, New York.


Verrazano Foundation Workshop (Arts for Recovery) Artist Living with Mental Illness.

In workshop, participants worked on mylar with paint, ink, and conte to explore the landscape of family connections in varied cultures. Staten Island, NY.

Women’s History Month Closing Celebration.

Wrap up: “In the Privacy of Her Studio: Women Artists Speak. About Their Experiences” (Join the dialogue!) New Jersey City University, NJ.  


The Jam Jar Gallery in Dubai, UAE. Lecture and Workshops.


New Jersey City University (Artist Talk) Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery, Jersey City, NJ.

Asian Art Center, Lecture, NY, NY.

Art at the Embassy Program in Panama City, Panama.

Lecture and Workshops.

SAWCC (The South Asian Women's Creative Collective)

Lecture, NY, NY.



Snug Harbor Cultural Center Studio Program, Staten Island, NY.


Chashama Residency in Visual Arts, New York, NY.


Triangle Residency Workshop, New York, NY.

 Publication: May 2018 May 2018

India Abroad:

Victoria Donohoe: Art of Diaspora at Twelve Gates, The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2, 2010.

Time Out New York: May 26, 2009.

Julie Shapiro: Discovering voices in Columbus Park, Volume 22, Number 02, The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan, May 22 - 28, 2009.

Press Conference: Americas Chinatown Voices 2009

Amy Chase:

November 16, 2006.

Brazilian Press:

October 10, 2006.

The Christian Science Monitor

Backstory:  Adoption for Art Lovers.

By: Lee Lawrence | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor.


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Interview with American Desi, NY, NY.

Noticias de Colón, April 2005.

 Bill Van Siclen: Art Scene, ‘Beauty is academic’, The Providence Journal (Page 16), January 22-25, 2004.

Marcia Mayo: Publication Editor, United States Embassy Panama, “Art at Embassies Program”, Washington, D.C., September 2003.



Group Show

Gallery Korea New York, NY

"Cardinal Planes"


Group Show

Site Brooklyn Gallery Brooklyn, NY

Colorida Art Gallery Lisbon, Portugal


Group Show

Asian American and Pacific             New York, NY

Islander Heritage Month

Cravath, Swaine & Moore headquarters


Group Show


Museo de Arte de Sinalo                       Sinaloa, Mexico

BRIC                                                         Brooklyn, NY


Group Show

Queens Museum of Art                             New York, NY

Crossing Arts                                                Queens, NY

Manhattanville College                            Purchase, NY


Group Show

Flushing Town Hall                                     Queens, NY

Hammond Museum                           North Salem, NY


Group Show

Crossing Arts                                               Queens, NY

Bronx Charter School for the Arts            Bronx, NY

Art 6                                                          Richmond, VA


Group Show

Queens Museum of Art                           New York, NY

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey            Summit, NJ

Charles B. Wang Center,                   Stony Brook, NY

Stony Brook University         

Aicon Gallery                                            New York, NY

Jorgensen Gallery,                                           Storrs, CT

University of Connecticut

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey            Summit, NJ


Group Show

Chelsea Art Museum                                New York, NY

Hudson Studios 13th floor

Organized by: Design and Agents

Two person show

Curator: David Cohen

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey            Summit, NJ

Twelve Gates Gallery                         Philadelphia, PA

The Guild Art Gallery                              New York, NY

Curated by: Vijay Kumar  

(Indo-American arts council's                     

Erasing borders 2010
Exhibition of contemporary

Indian art of the Diaspora)             


Group Show

Tamarind Art Gallery      Art 4 Barter        New York, NY

Group Show

Lana Santorelli Gallery                              New York, NY

Group Show

Asian American Art CentreMetropoles   New York, NY


Group Show

DUMBO Art Center                                    Brooklyn,  NY

Group Show        Private Auction


Group Show

Art Lab Gallery                                      Staten Island, NY

Group ShowSnug Harbor Cultural Center

Triangle Alumni Show                                Brooklyn, NY

Group Show       

Queens Borough College                               Queens, NY

Project Diversity     


Gallery Twenty One                                       Newark, NJ

Two Person Show

Triangle Open Studio                                  Brooklyn, NY

Group Show

The Jam Jar Gallery                                       Dubai, UAE

Solo Show

DUMBO Art Centre                                    Brooklyn, NY

Group Show

Curated by: Virginia Shore

Sideshow Gallery                                        Brooklyn, NY

Group Show

TheJam Jar Gallery                                     Dubai, UAE

Group Show

Puccio Gallery                                          New York, NY

Group Show


New Jersey City University                      Jersey City, NJ

Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery

Group Show

Curated by: Midori Yoshimoto

Snug Harbor Cultural Center                Staten Island, NY

New Contemporary House

Group Show

Curated by: Creig Manister

Chashama      40 Worth Resolve Studio   New York, NY

Group Show        


Art Lab Gallery                                     Staten Island, NY

Group Show (Snug Harbor Cultural Center) 

Regis Center for Art                              Minneapolis, MN

(University of Minnesota) Katherine Nash Gallery

Tattfoo Gallery                                      Staten Island, NY

Group Show

Creative Artist Network                          Philadelphia, PA

Group Show

Woman Made Gallery                                     Chicago, IL

Group Show

Velpo Gallery                                         Staten Island, NY

Solo Show

Wheeler Gallery                                          Providence, RI

Emerging Artist Art At


The American Embassy                   Panama City, Panama

Group Show (2003-2005) 

Curated by: Virginia Shore

Banana Republic and Gen Art                     New York, NY

Tribute Group Show

Tixe Gallery                                                 New York, NY

Two Person Show


Brown University                                         Providence, RI

Solo Show

Viridian Artists  @ Chelsea                         New York, NY

Group Show